Long anger at Cregagh pensioner burglary ordeal

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor Michael Long has expressed revulsion at news that an 83-year-old was held down while their house was robbed by burglars who forced their way in. The incident took place at a house in Sheskin Way in the Cregagh area at around 5.15pm on Saturday. There have a number of incidents involving pensioners in the wider area in the past few days.

Cllr Michael Long said: “This must have been a very harrowing ordeal for the victim and I hope the perpetrators can be caught swiftly. It’s hard to imagine what it must feel like to have this happen to you in your own home. These cowards must not be allowed to get away with this and people must help the police to find them.

“I want to let the victim know that people in the community are thinking about them and we feel for them at this terrible time.

“It is worrying that there have been a number of sinister incidents involving pensioners in the area in the past few days; however, it’s also important to let older people know that this type of incident is very rare, because a climate of fear must not be allowed to be created.”


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