Campbell says time for UDA to decommission fully

Newtownabbey Alliance Councillor Tom Campbell has said that following the recent token gesture of decommissioning by the South East Antrim UDA, all of the UDA must fully decommission. He said that they must stop intimidating the local community and decommission fully to show local people that they, and the fear they engender, are gone for good.

Cllr Tom Campbell said: “Following last week’s news that the South East Antrim UDA took part in an act of decommissioning, the whole of the UDA must listen to the will of the public and decommission fully immediately.

“The South East Antrim UDA token act of decommission was bizarre in its secrecy. This gesture only involved small number of weapons, however it is a positive step.

“Its time the UDA were history. They must stop intimidating the local community and they must fully decommission to clearly show that they are gone for good.

“Fading into the background and keeping their guns is simply not an option – they must get rid of all weapons and lift the cloud of fear which sits over the communities that they intimidate.”


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