Campbell hits out at ridiculous planning application

Newtownabbey Alliance Councillor Tom Campbell has condemned the huge apartment complex application in the Church Road and Glebe Road East area of Newtownabbey.

Cllr Tom Campbell said: “This is an application for 35 apartment dwellings in seven blocks with car parking and associated access. It almost goes without saying that such an application of such size and density is completely out of sympathy and character with the area.

“It is totally unacceptable as an application in any form. It has just been advertised and I have received a large number of complaints from local residents in relation to it.

“There is a significant traffic problem already in Church Road. The application would be a menace to local community, as it would bring problems regarding overlooking, changes to the character of the area and too many vehicles on the road.”

Cllr Campbell said that he has had a meeting with Sam Walker, the Senior Divisional Planning Officer for the area to stress his view that the application was unacceptable in any format, and should be completely rejected.

Cllr Tom Campbell concluded: “Any amendment to this scheme would also be unacceptable because of the sheer size of the development, and no compromise would be appropriate on the basis of a reduced scale.”


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