Ford and Lo back Journalists’ campaign at Stormont event

Alliance Leader David Ford and South Belfast MLA Anna Lo have thrown their weight behind the National Union of Journalists’ ‘Stand up for Journalism’ campaign following a meeting at Stormont today. The campaign event highlighted cuts in staffing and poor pay for journalists.

David Ford said: “Today’s event highlights the real pressure that journalists are under, with low pay and job insecurity.

“We need a strong media to ensure transparency and to ensure that people can see what their elected representatives are doing for them.

“First Minister Ian Paisley recently criticised the media on their use of Freedom of Information requests. We believe that such measures are essential if those in power are to be held to account, and are vital to ensure that the public can find out what really is going on in government.

Anna Lo MLA said: “The owners of our media outlets must sit up and take note of this important campaign. Without a strong media democracy suffers.

“This vital service to the public must not be allowed to suffer at the hands of media group owners trying to increase profits.

“We have a world-class media here, but for this standard to be maintained, those employed across the media, from journalists to designers and photographers, need support from their employers.”


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