Bradshaw says more women need encouraged into politics ahead of International Women’s Day

Alliance South Belfast Councillor Paula Bradshaw has said it is vital more women are encouraged to participate in politics in order to more widely reflect the make-up of society.

Councillor Bradshaw was speaking ahead of International Women’s Day, which this year has the theme Pledge for Parity. The day is designed to celebrate, appreciate and show respect to women around the globe.

She said the day was a great opportunity to showcase politics for women and allow them the chance to get more involved.

“Politics needs to accurately reflect our whole society and show we are moving forward to a brighter and fairer future. Therefore it is critical we get more women involved in politics. To do so, we have to create the conditions for that to happen.

“We need affirmative action to provide training, support and guidance to ensure the removal of barriers to women’s participation. By doing so, we can send a positive message to the world that Northern Ireland is a society moving forward.”

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