Brown: UUP inconsistent on EU referendum

South Down Alliance Councillor Patrick Brown has hit out at the UUP for its ‘inconsistent approach’ to the EU referendum question, after its Councillors unanimously voted against calls for Northern Ireland’s key political players to support the IN campaign

Coming just two days after leader Mike Nesbitt said a no vote would seriously damage the UK, the Alliance Party’s South Down candidate said the UUP had ‘serious questions’ to answer over the ‘dangerous mixed messages’ it was sending voters on the issue.

Councillor Patrick Brown said: “Simply put, Northern Ireland will remain stronger as part of the European Union. Those in the Brexit camp are playing a risky game, continually ignoring the growing voices of concern from the business and farming community, putting our future economy in danger.

“I’m delighted my motion calling for Newry, Mourne and Down Council to appeal to David Cameron, Teresa Villiers and Arlene Foster to campaign to remain part of the EU was successful, but it was equally surprising to see all UUP Councillors vote against their leader.

“The UUP has already had to take two weeks to make a decision on one of the biggest issues to face our generation, you would think they would have used this additional time to ensure the Party was in agreement on the issue.”

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