Bradshaw says Brexit special deal scaremongering does nothing but polarise response

Alliance South Belfast Westminster candidate Paula Bradshaw has said scaremongering by the UUP around a special deal on Brexit will do nothing but polarise the response to challenges posed by it.

Ms Bradshaw was responding to comments made by Lord Kilclooney. She said:

“Brexit is the biggest threat facing Northern Ireland in decades, not only to our economy but the political stability of this region. Northern Ireland only works on the basis of sharing and interdependence, whereas Brexit is all about erecting new divisions and barriers.

“Alliance believes we need a pragmatic response to the challenges posed by Brexit. A special deal for Northern Ireland is fundamental to stabilising this society, given all the uncertainties we face. It is incumbent our community unites around that response, given those challenges.

“It is vital we decouple the issue of Brexit from any calls for a border poll or potential changes in the constitutional status of Northern Ireland. That approach will only serve to polarise our response rather than creating the unity we need to face the tests brought by Brexit.”

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