This election an opportunity for people to get the politics they want, says Long

Tomorrow’s election is an opportunity for people to get the politics they want and send a message to the two larger parties, Alliance Leader Naomi Long has said.

The East Belfast Westminster candidate said Alliance’s positive, progressive, pro-European message had received huge support on the doorsteps during the General Election campaign, backing her belief the party had a real chance to return two MPs in the next Parliament.

“Many people have tried to make this election orange vs green and engage in the politics of fear but people are increasingly turned off by that. That’s why only a few months ago voters came out in record numbers to back Alliance and why our positive message is receiving a fantastic response.

“If people vote Alliance, they will get representatives who will help change the direction of our politics and who will absolutely deliver for the entire community. People don’t care about squabbling between parties but rather action on areas such as health, education and the economy. Alliance has been doing that, which is why in both East Belfast and South Belfast the party has a real chance to win this Thursday.

“By voting Alliance, people will send a message right across the UK – as well as directly to the DUP and Sinn Fein – they are fed up with the politics of division. People can instead show they want to embrace the politics of diversity and inclusion, see the institutions up and running, mitigate the effects of Brexit, create jobs, achieving open government and having the progressive politics our society needs.”

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