Bradshaw: Alliance best placed to deliver progressive South Belfast

Alliance Westminster candidate Paula Bradshaw has said the chance for South Belfast to elect its first positive, progressive, pro-Europe MP is now only days away.

Speaking ahead of polling day on June 8, Paula added she was the only progressive candidate capable of stopping a DUP gain in South Belfast.

She said: “I want to see an open and inclusive South Belfast, where everyone is valued and all traditions are celebrated. Alliance is best placed to deliver this.

“As a vocal advocate of LGBT rights and a passionate campaigner on women’s issues, it’s embarrassing Northern Ireland is the only part of these islands without equal marriage and frustrating that criminalising of women around abortion continues.

“The public support and willingness to combat such prejudice exists, and shows there is an opportunity for us all, as friends and allies, to express our solidarity and support for overcoming those challenges together and delivering real equality for everyone.

“When it comes to abortion, we must see a fundamental change in the law without delay. Women’s health should be the priority, not criminalising those who need to access services here.

“In 2015 more and more people signalled they wanted South Belfast to change direction, opting to mark an X by my name. That faith in Alliance now puts us within touching distance of taking the seat. Help us make history.”

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