Bradshaw: Public must be able to trust their politicians

Alliance Councillor Paula Bradshaw has said the public should be able to fully scrutinise Councillors, ahead of calling for greater transparency around members’ interests at Belfast City Council on Tuesday night.

South Belfast Councillor Ms Bradshaw was speaking ahead of her motion seeking the regular publication of the Register of Members’ Interests on the Council website. She said ratepayers of Belfast deserved to have “full confidence” in their elected representatives, particularly after recent controversy around expenses.

“Alliance has always led on openness and transparency, and we want it at the heart of local government, which is something other parties have consistently blocked. If other Councillors back my motion, it will help give the public confidence back in the political process, while also highlighting those Councillors who – unlike Alliance – have so far failed to declare any relevant interests.

“Although a hard copy of members’ interests is available at City Hall, publishing it online will give instant access to all ratepayers. Alliance has already ensured all Council and committee meetings at City Hall are audio recorded. This is the next step in ensuring full transparency for all.

“I hope all parties will be able to follow Alliance’s lead and support this motion. For those who don’t, the public has the right to ask what they are trying to hide.”

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