Lyttle welcomes implementation of new maximum animal cruelty sentences

Alliance animal welfare spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has welcomed the implementation of new maximum sentences for animal cruelty offences.

He was speaking after the publication of a review of animal welfare laws published today (Monday). Among the proposals is the Public Prosecution Service now being able to refer unduly lenient sentences back to the Court of Appeal in cases where someone has been convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to animals.

East Belfast MLA Mr Lyttle, who is Vice-Chair of the Assembly’s All-Party Group on Animal Welfare, said Justice Minister David Ford deserved praise for the new sentences and fines being introduced.

“Alliance has consistently campaigned against animal cruelty and for appropriate sentences for those guilty of such crimes. The Alliance Justice Minister’s move will see strengthened sentences in an attempt to end the suffering of vulnerable animals.

“Those guilty of animal cruelty crimes deserve serious sentences, as strong laws are of little value without effective enforcement. Due to this tightening of the law, we can finally take a huge step to reducing the amount of offences against animals.”

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