Bell urges Assembly members to ‘work tirelessly’ for North Down

North Down shadow assembly members will have to work “tirelessly” for the benefit of the constituency, a leading member of the Alliance Party said today.

Mrs. Eileen Bell said it was essential for the borough’s Alliance, Ulster Unionist, Women’s Coalition and United Kingdom Unionist assembly members to work together for everyone in the area.

But the Alliance Party Chairperson also pointed out that the North Down assembly members must work harder to remove what, she says is, the “gold coast” image of the borough.

Mrs. Bell insists that if the borough’s assembly members strive to improve the image of the borough – then the possibility of more economic investment will be greatly enhanced.

Speaking after attending yesterday’s meeting of assembly members at Stormont, Mrs. Bell said that “only time will tell” if her fellow politicians are prepared to work together.

“Whilst recognising that it is our duty to take an interest in the wider problems facing Northern Ireland – we still have an obligation to protect the interests of our constituencies,” she said.

“And as an assembly member for North Down, I will be doing my best to improving the image of the borough and I will be listening to what people have to say.”

“Many people throughout Northern Ireland often refer to this constituency as the ‘gold coast’ but this is totally wrong and totally inaccurate.”

“It might be a more prosperous area compared to other parts of Northern Ireland but it still needs more investment.”

“I raised this matter with delegates from the US Presidential team when they visited Northern Ireland last week. However, I will be still pressing from more economic investment when the assembly reconvenes on Monday,” added Mrs. Bell.


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