Alliance praise conservation volunteers

Members of the Conservation Volunteers should be commended by Carrickfergus Borough Council for their refurbishment work along the Blackhead Path, according to a local councillor.

The Alliance Party’s Robin Cavan, who is a councillor for the Kilroot area of the borough, made the claim after visiting the historic path last weekend.

He described the work by the volunteers as “tremendous” and said the council should take “immediate steps” to honour the group’s efforts.

Assisted by a £5,000 grant from Carrickfergus Borough Council, the conservationists have worked on the path’s ‘golden stairs’ and have constructed a drainage channel to cope with outbreaks of heavy rain.

Councillor Cavan, who is a constant visitor to the path, also said the work carried out by the volunteers will be a “major boost” to walkers and ramblers in across East Antrim.

“After visiting the path last weekend, and viewing the work that was carried out by the conservation volunteers, I think it is only proper that the local council should commend the group,” said Mr. Cavan.”

“The money they received from the council has been put to good use and they have worked tirelessly to refurbish the path.”

“Their work means that all types of people will be able to enjoy the path and I hope that people do use it because it has a lot to offer.”

“It is a vital part of the borough’s tourist industry and the walk along the path is both pleasurable and enjoyable for people of all ages,” he added.


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