Bombers must not be allowed to succeed’ – Bell

A leading member of the Alliance Party has condemned whoever was responsible for last Saturday’s bomb blast in Banbridge.

And North Down assembly member Eileen Bell, who is the Alliance Party’s Chairperson, also urged politicians to realise that peace would not happen “overnight”.

Mrs. Bell said:

“I am appalled at the actions of the thugs who carried out this awful attack in Banbridge last Saturday. When will they realise that their actions serve no purpose at all?”

“We must recognise that there are those who are determined to wreck the Good Friday agreement and the new assembly – but they must not be allowed to succeed.”

“And now that we have a chance of working together – we must work even harder to ensure that the nightmare of the last 30 years does not happen again.”

“We must all face with realism the task that we now have and we must vigorously oppose those who are determined to carry out such appalling acts of terrorism.”

“The agreement and the assembly is the only chance that we have of moving forward and I would urge all politicians do everything in their power to persuade those who are committed to violence to pursue the path of peace and democracy.”


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