McCarthy calls for establishment of civic forum

Strangford Assemblyman Kieran McCarthy has urged Northern Ireland’s new government to speed up the process of establishing a civic forum.

The Alliance Party representative said that such a body would help boost the peace process and make the assembly more “accountable”.

He said that, with community, business and voluntary representatives on board, the people of Northern Ireland would help create a “much better” future.

And Mr. McCarthy further claimed that – when the new structure is finally up an running – the people of County Down will also have an important role to play in its implementation.

“Assembly members may have the duty of governing Northern Ireland – but the people will also have an important role to play,” explained the Assemblyman.”

“I firmly believe that a civic forum, where members of the assembly and the population work together, would be of vital importance to the people of Northern Ireland.”

“We know that the civic forum is high on the agenda of the assembly members – but it’s essential that the tempo of this process is increased.”

“We have seen how successful the partnerships involving the business, community, voluntary and political sector has been in recent years – and this must continue.”

“I think that the people of Northern Ireland and the people of Co. Down will all contribute positively to the civic forum.”

“For it is clear that all of our assembly members should make moves to establish this body where everyone can have their say on how we are governed.”


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