Armstrong: We must heed warning signs over NI Water

Alliance Infrastructure spokesperson Kellie Armstrong has said the warning signs have been there, when it comes to the unfolding problems with how NI Water is funded.

Kellie – who has previously raised concerns on these issues – said the latest report from NI Water only goes to prove that development in Northern Ireland is close to grinding to a halt due to the instability of the NI Water funding structure.

She added: “When it comes to infrastructure in Northern Ireland, far too often it is the grand, slim chance of ever happening ideas which tend to grab the headlines. But rather than talking about the potential of bridges to Scotland, we must refocus on the immediate threat facing NI Water and the potential impact this could have.

“Without any strategic investment in our infrastructure, such as water and sewage, we will see potential new homes cease to be built and no new options for business premises come forward.

“And this isn’t just scaremongering, as we have already seen the impact of this in Saintfield where new homes could not be built as the strain on its sewage system was deemed to be too great.

“Alliance has previously proposed a new funding model which would enable NI Water to gain a more reliable funding stream and allow them to seek alternative investment to help support the much-needed reform of our water and sewage system.

“The DUP and Sinn Féin need to set aside their differences and ensure a restoration of the Executive, so we can get Ministers in place to make sure people in Saintfield are not left behind with substandard services.”

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