Armstrong says Alliance will continue to hold airport to account

Alliance Infrastructure spokesperson Kellie Armstrong MLA has said her party will continue to hold Belfast International Airport to account over recent problems with the length of security queues there.

Ms Armstrong was speaking after a meeting with management at the airport, alongside her colleagues Stewart Dickson MLA and John Blair MLA, who arranged the meeting in his South Antrim constituency.

“Northern Ireland needs a modern, secure airport in which people can be guaranteed they will be able to navigate quickly and without the regular delays going through security in particular we have seen in recent months. There is no doubt Belfast International Airport has not been that in recent times,” said Ms Armstrong.

“This meeting was a chance to put across the frustration many members of the public have felt while using the airport during that time. We were told by management they are fully committed to tackling the problems and investment has been put into dealing with the security issues in particular.

“Those assurances are welcome but Alliance will continue to hold the airport to account to ensure it is not just talk. These problems have been frustrating for everyone, including the airport. Now is the time to prove they will take people’s complaints onboard and make the necessary changes to improve their service.”
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