Long says Prime Minister’s Brexit statement a wasted opportunity

Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA has said the Prime Minister’s statement to MPs on her way forward for Brexit was a “wasted opportunity”.

Speaking following Theresa May’s comments to the House of Commons, Mrs Long said: “”This was a disappointing statement from the Prime Minister and a wasted opportunity.

“Until she can accept she has mutually incompatible redlines and face up to the sharp choices available, then progress is not going to be made.

“There is little point in wasting further time indulging those obsessed with changing or ditching the backstop. Any negotiated Brexit will require a withdrawal agreement, which will in turn require an open-ended backstop until and unless a better solution protecting the Good Friday Agreement comes along.

“The Prime Minister is arrogant to keep dismissing calls for either a People’s Vote or an extension of Article 50 to avoid a catastrophic no deal outcome. She seems to be afraid to see either of these propositions formally tested, and it is now important Parliament forces her hand on this.”
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