Armitage supports launch of Three Faiths Forum

Alliance Councillor David Armitage has backed a new initiative set up in the face of a perceived increase in islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

The Three Faiths Forum will launch today at City Hall, and will see Jews, Christians and Muslims join together to create a positive programme aimed at celebrating diversity.

Hosting the event, Councillor Armitage said it came at an important time, showcasing all religions and faiths are welcome in the city.

He added: “This group will provide an important bridge between various religions in our city, helping people of alternate faiths learn about each other’s beliefs, creating an understanding and supportive environment for all to grow and develop.

“The aim is not to worship together, but to foster an understanding in a positive, welcoming setting, with today’s launch being just the beginning of what I hope will be a real grassroots level group that transforms the understanding of religion in Belfast.”

He added: “With a perceived increase in negativity towards certain faiths – even from some within the Council chamber – we all have a duty to work together to support each other.”

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