Alliance welcomes Bradley call for end to 50:50 recruitment

Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry, has applauded remarks made by NI Policing Board Vice-Chair Denis Bradley calling for a rapid end to 50:50 recruitment.

Cllr Farry stated: “Denis Bradley is quite correct to say that 50:50 recruitment is completely incompatible with the highest standards of human rights legislation. It has done nothing to increase confidence in the police service across most sections of the community.

“The remarks are encouraging in two respects. First, there is an acknowledgement that the quota system runs contrary to human rights norms. Second, there is a recognition that this system cannot be permanent, and must come to an end.

“Alliance has always believed in the creation of a representative police service. Increased Catholic recruitment must be a priority. But we believe that there are many other affirmative action tools that can be used to achieve this short of an arbitrary quota, such as working pro-actively through the Catholic schools.

“This quota has promoted division and not unity, and led to more distrust in the police among various communities.

“Potential police officers, like recruits to any other profession, must be judged on their merits not on their presumed religion.”


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