Clarification needed on exiles – Neeson

Alliance East Antrim MLA Séan Neeson has said that specific clarification is needed from organizations hoping to benefit from legislation on ‘on-the-runs’ that exiles will be allowed to return home safely.

Séan Neeson stated: “When it became apparent that the Government was doing a side deal with Sinn Féin on the issue of paramilitary fugitives at Weston Park four years ago, Alliance was the first party to raise objections. We are strongly opposed to the bill as it stands, but we remain the only party being constructive on this issue within the context of the Agreement voted for by the people.

“Nothing the IRA or other terrorist organizations have said makes clear that exiles will, in practice, be able to return home safely. We all know that they will get something other than a warm welcome were they to do so in current circumstances.

“It is vital that the Government makes any legislation on this issue dependent upon specific clarification from all sides that exiles will be allowed to return home freely and without prejudice.”



Séan Neeson was Alliance Party Leader at the time of the Weston Park talks.

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