Alliance queries status of security forces with ‘on-the-run’ legislation

Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson Stephen Farry has queried how Government legislation on paramilitary fugitives can possibly be deemed to apply to the security forces.

Cllr Farry stated: “The Government claims that the legislation it published on Thursday applies to the security forces equally. Yet it is very difficult to see how this is.

“Section 1(1) clearly makes reference to a law covering terrorist offences. Is the Government seriously suggesting that offences committed by security forces are covered by that term?

“This is a worryingly shabby piece of legislation. Quite aside from the grotesque perversion of dealing with paramilitary fugitives before innocent exiles, it is quite clear that the legislation does not even achieve what the Government wants it to achieve.”

Alliance Party Leader David Ford will be heading an Alliance delegation visiting Westminster on Wednesday [16th] to lobby Conservative, Liberal Democrat and back-bench Labour members of both Houses of Parliament to oppose the legislation as it stands, and to discuss proposals for dealing with the issue of paramilitary fugitives in a way that genuinely takes victims’ concerns seriously while remaining consistent with the context of the Agreement.


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