Alliance welcomes agreement by Down District Council on this year’s rates increase

Newcastle Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke has welcomed the agreement by Down District Council to agree to a below inflation rise in rates of 1.99%.

Cllr Patrick Clarke said: “At a special Council meeting Down District Councillors united together to agree the rate of 1.99% to meet the cost of services it will provide in the next financial year.

“All parties agreed unanimously to a 1.99% increase in the District rate which is significantly lower than the rate of inflation.

“We are now living through one of the toughest economic downturns in generations so it was important that Down District Council kept the rate increase to a minimum.

“As Councillors it is important that we respond to the concerns of the ratepayers and businesses in our District in the rate setting process this year.

“Tough choices had to be made in terms of Council spending plans for the future and savings to keep the District rate down.

“I am pleased that collectively all parties have worked hard in recent months to keep the District rate down, especially in today’s current economic climate.”

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