Alliance to meet GCC on 700 Metro complaints

Cllr Michael Long and Naomi Long MLA are to meet with the General Consumer Council (GCC) this afternoon to discuss their ongoing concerns about the Metro bus system, which was introduced earlier this year. Alliance representatives received over 700 complaints about the new service which were passed on to Translink and the GCC, which has been tasked with monitoring complaints about the new system.

Cllr. Naomi Long said: “We are aware that the new system is to be reviewed in the coming months. Whilst there have been some improvements to services there have also been many problems.

“The aim of this meeting is to ensure that the complaints made by local residents can be fed into the review in order that the Metro service can

provide the best service possible for local people. We were overwhelmed with the number of complaints about the new service and it is clear that improvements must be made.

Cllr. Michael Long added, “We are particularly concerned about the withdrawal of the Number 34 bus service from Mount Merrion to the City centre via the Cregagh Road. The withdrawal of this service has left many local people, including a high proportion of elderly people, isolated from local shops and services.”


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