“Clarify position on dissidents” Ford tells Sinn Fein

Responding to last night’s attack on a police station in Lurgan, which has been attributed to dissident Republicans, Alliance Leader David Ford has condemned those who carried it out and called for Sinn Fein to make its stance clear on dissidents.

Mr Ford said: “It appears this was an attack designed to take lives, and it has quite rightly been condemned by all sides. But it was a close thing and it leaves several questions open.

Responding to comments from Sinn Fein Councillor Michael Tallon, Mr Ford said: “Sinn Fein needs to work out precisely where it stands on the threat from dissident Republicans. Yet again we hear the standard talk of the police being ‘heavy-handed’ without being able to explain precisely how. People are asking for clarity on Sinn Fein’s stance both on dissidents and on the police.

“This attack also raises serious questions of the Government’s security policy. Is this to be based on the aspirations of P. O’Neill, or on the actual reality on the ground?

“The Government must do some serious thinking about where its priorities lie. Mr Hain and his team must recognize the Government’s primary duty is to protect human life, not engage in political side dealing.”


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