Alliance – the only party that focuses on the issues that really matter

Alliance Party Deputy Leader Naomi Long has said that Alliance is the only party that makes important real life issues its top priority. She stated that Alliance is the only alternative to tribalism, and is focused solely on improving the everyday lives of local people, not tribal timewasting.

The East Belfast Representative said: “We are the only party whose number one priority is improving the everyday lives of local people. We are not bogged down in tribal issues, like other parties.

“We will deliver free personal care for older people and we will abolish eye and dental check-up charges for so that everyone has access free of charge to these services.

“People are sick of the fact that opportunities have been lost because of tribalism. People are fed up with stagnation and brinkmanship, and they want Northern Ireland to move forward.

“We won the last election held in Northern Ireland because local people see us as the real alternative to tribalism and as the party of genuine progress.

“We are a strong voice for everyone in Northern Ireland and we will deliver accountable, transparent and genuine power-sharing. People have had enough of tribal side deals and we will end this smoke and mirrors approach to local decision-making.

“The future of Northern Ireland is in the hands of the people and they have the power to make a real difference on polling day.”


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