Alliance unveils strong team of Assembly candidates

The Alliance Party has unveiled its 18 Assembly candidates today at Belfast Castle. Party Leader David Ford said that Alliance is the only alternative to tribal politics and that a vote for Alliance will deliver a strong voice for progress.

David Ford said: “Local people are telling us on the doorsteps that they want an alternative to tribal politics. Alliance is that real alternative. We have a great team of candidates and they provide an excellent representation of today’s Northern Ireland and a good balance regarding age, gender and background.

“People want a strong voice in the Assembly that will represent everyone and ensure that the needs of everyone are put ahead of tribal politics.

“Alliance won the only election that has been held since St Andrews, which was the Skerries by-election in Coleraine. This victory sent out a strong message that people are moving away from tribal politics.

“For devolution to work, power must be genuinely shared, not carved up. Only Alliance can prevent a sectarian carve-up.

“Our team of candidates from across Northern Ireland will deliver the best services to local people and ensure a shared future for everyone in the region.

“People want the Assembly restored in order to deal with bread and butter issues that affect their daily lives like education, health and water charges.

“We have identified the one billion pound cost of segregation, and plan to end segregation and invest this saved cash in quality services for all.

“A strong Alliance team in the Assembly will mean stable and effective power-sharing. Its no good just wanting change; people need to go out and vote for the real alternative.”

Alliance Assembly Candidates

Belfast East – Naomi Long

Belfast North – Tommy McCullough

Belfast South – Anna Lo

Belfast West – Dan McGuinness

East Antrim – Sean Neeson/Stewart Dickson

East Londonderry – Barney Fitzpatrick

Fermanagh and South Tyrone – Alan Leonard

Foyle – Yvonne Boyle

Lagan Valley – Trevor Lunn

Mid-Ulster – Margaret Marshall

Newry and Armagh – Maire Hendron

North Antrim – Jayne Dunlop

North Down – Stephen Farry

South Antrim – David Ford

South Down – David Griffin

Strangford – Kieran McCarthy

Upper Bann – Shelia McQuaid


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