Time for free public transport for students

North Antrim Alliance Representative Jayne Dunlop has stated that students should have free public transport to college and university. She stated that this would help improve their financial situation and would also encourage them to use public transport more often.

Jayne Dunlop said: “Students have a mountain of bills and are currently under serious financial pressures. They should be entitled to free public transport because it will provide them with much-needed assistance and ensure that they can be environmentally friendly.

“We want to scrap tuition fees as well and these moves would ensure that our students do not leave university burdened by horrific debts. It is difficult enough as a student to get a good graduate job when they finish their studies, so they need any assistance possible to lighten the financial load.

“Free public transport for students will also get them into the mindset of thinking green. If we can create an environmentally friendly culture where more people are encouraged to use public transport then this can only be a good thing.”


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