Alliance slams massive drug and treatment delays forced on Northern Ireland

Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has slammed the massive two year delays in providing treatment for local people, while those in other parts of the UK can get their treatment within three months. This shocking news was revealed in a letter leaked to the BBC, and Kieran McCarthy has called for urgent action to ensure that people in Northern Ireland receive the best and quickest treatment possible, similar to those in England and Wales.

The Strangford Assembly Member said: “I cannot believe that this situation has been allowed to develop. The people of Northern Ireland are being treated like second-class citizens. Such practices put the health of people in Northern Ireland in grave danger.

“It is utterly disgraceful that patients here have to wait for up to two years to receive vital treatment, yet in England and Wales the waiting list is only three months.

“Government should be ashamed that they have treated people here so badly and they must address this matter immediately. There is absolutely no reason why patients here cannot get their drugs within three months, the same as those in England and Wales.”


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