Alliance Responds to IMC Report

Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry, has welcomed the confirmation of further developments on security normalisation set out in the latest report, and while noting the progress made with respect to the IRA, has reiterated that IRA disbandment must remain the ultimate goal.

Stephen Farry stated:

“Alliance welcomes the conclusion that Government commitments to security normalisation remain on track. The community will be pleased to see a relaxation in the security posture that is consistent with the falling level of threat level.

“The continued threat from dissident Republicans, and the uncertainty over the position of Loyalists, do pose ongoing problems. The concern regarding the ambiguity of the UVF regarding its position until 24 November is noteworthy.

“The positive assessment on the position of the IRA is further confirmation of the consolidation of the end of paramilitary activity over the past 13 months. However, as the IMC themselves stress the conclusion in this report is largely based on the level of specific terrorist threat posed by the IRA.

“While the IMC may believe that the discipline provided by the IRA leadership may be a help at present, this must only be a short term view. The persistence of IRA command and control structures is not sustainable in a society based upon the rule of law. Disbandment of the organisation is ultimately required.”


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