UVF intimidation of Devlin murder suspect is ‘disgraceful’ – Alliance

Newtownabbey Alliance Councillor, Tom Campbell has hit out at loyalists after one of the main suspects in the murder of Thomas Devlin fled their home following UVF threats. A newspaper today reported these threats, and Tom Campbell has called on the UVF to disband cease all activity immediately. Cllr Campbell also issued a fresh appeal calling for information on the murder of Thomas Devlin to be given to police.

Tom Campbell said: “It is disgraceful that the UVF have issued threats to one of the main suspects in the murder of Thomas Devlin, which have led to the person to leave their home in the Mount Vernon estate.

“Mob rule is totally unacceptable. Justice should only ever be sought through the correct channels, those being the police and the courts of law.

“Any suspect of any crime is innocent until proven guilty, and only the courts can adjudicate upon any crime. Paramilitary-style gun culture justice is disgusting and must stop immediately if Northern Ireland is to become a permanently peaceful and law abiding society.

“The silence from Ulster Unionists on this issue has been deafening. Their link with the representatives of the UVF means that Ulster Unionists have a duty to make their position clear on such matters. Does their silence suggest that they condone intimidation? I have no doubt that Ulster Unionists would strongly condemn this intimidation, but they must make their condemnations public.

“Alliance condemns all forms of intimidation and violence and we demand the disbandment of all paramilitary organizations. Our concerns regarding the UVF and UDA are well founded, given that yesterday’s IMC report stated that these organisations are still armed and active.”

“I would again appeal to anyone that has any information on the horrific murder of Thomas Devlin in August last year, to contact police immediately.”


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