Alliance demands action on mental health policy after meeting with minister

Alliance Health Spokesperson, Kieran McCarthy, today led a cross-party delegation to meet with Minister Paul Goggins to call for the implementation of the main findings of the Bamford Review on mental health and learning disability. During the meeting, the strategy to combat the problem of suicide in Northern Ireland was discussed, as well as the need for adequate provision of special educational needs services in schools.

Kieran McCarthy arranged the meeting with minister, and the delegation included politicians from other parties in Northern Ireland and Graham Logan from the Northern Ireland Mental Health Association.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “The Bamford Report must be implemented as soon as possible, to ensure that the best possible services are provided for people in Northern Ireland.

“At the meeting with the Minister we discussed the strategy put in place to combat the problem of suicide in Northern Ireland.

“During the meeting, we also called for the appointment of a regional mental health promotion director, who would have a similar role to local Commissioners, like the a Children’s Commissioner. The mental health promotion director would be responsible for implementing the findings of the Bamford Report.

“The needs of children with autism must be met as regards special educational needs provision in schools. More respite facilities must also be provided in Northern Ireland to ensure that the needs of carers are met too.

“A lot of work must be carried out in Northern Ireland regarding mental health and learning disability policy, to ensure that world class services are provided for people here.”

Kieran McCarthy concluded: “I am pleased that Paul Goggins stated that after the final report is produced, his department will implement plan of action on these matters.”


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