Alliance proposes student village to cut anti-social behaviour problems

Alliance Party Chair and Coleraine representative, Yvonne Boyle, has called on Planners to create a student village in the Triangle area to cut the problems created by anti-social behaviour.

The creation of student villages is one of a number of proposals contained in the Alliance Party’s response to the consultation on houses of multiple occupancy in the Coleraine District Council Area.

Yvonne Boyle, a former student of the University of Ulster ‘s Coleraine Campus, said: “Alliance has proposed the development of student villages, which are overseen by university wardens, who can monitor the living environment and provide early effective intervention if problems arise.

“Over recent years in the Holylands area of Belfast there has been a high incidence of late night street noise and littering. The development of a student village concept for Coleraine will hopefully prevent such problems having a negative impact on the local community.

“I call on the Department of the Environment to take our advice, in order to prevent further problems involving HMOs.”


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