Ford tells Hain – Make the effort, hold full talks

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has called on Peter Hain to put more effort into breaking the current political deadlock by organising all-party talks.

Mr Ford today met the Secretary of State to put forward proposals to breach the current impasse.

Cllr Ford MLA said: “Alliance has taken every opportunity to move the political process forward. We have played an active role in the Preparation for Government Committee and in the full Assembly plenary sessions.

“However, I told the Secretary of State that I do not believe that the Preparation for Government Committee alone will solve current outstanding difficulties.

“The recent Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey shows that the majority of the population believe that significant reform of the Agreement is needed.

“The only way those reforms will happen is if Peter Hain, and Dermot Ahern get down to some serious business and take charge of the process. Alliance is working tirelessly to break the deadlock. We want our efforts to be matched by the two governments.

“I have called on the Secretary of State to convene inclusive all-party talks immediately after the Assembly sitting on 4 September.”


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