Alliance meets with PSNI over road safety issues in Dundrum

Alliance Newcastle Councillor Patrick Clarke has highlighted the on-going problem of drivers speeding in the Dundrum area, during a meeting with local PSNI representatives.

The Down District Councillor met with PSNI Area Commander Inspector Martin Trainor and Neighbourhood Sergeant James Mcllveen in Dundrum on Monday, March 5.

The meeting followed a written request from Councillor Clarke regarding on-going speeding and possible measures to address the problem, including random speed monitoring through Dundrum Village and traffic calming measures.

Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “I welcome the meeting which took place on Monday, March 5, between PSNI Area Commander Inspector Martin Trainor, Neighbourhood Sergeant James Mcllveen and myself in Dundrum, regarding the monitoring of traffic along Main Street, and the Dromara Road leading down to School Hill into the village for speeding motorists.

“I discussed with the PSNI at the meeting traffic calming measures and the pedestrian crossing issue along Main Street, which now really needs to be addressed by DRD Roads Service, and asked the PSNI to also liaise with DRD Roads Service on these urgent road safety matters.

“I was advised during the meeting that the local Neighbourhood Policing team, Response officers and the Roads Policing Section visit and operate in Dundrum village on a regular basis, and that the PSNI will continue to deploy speed safety equipment as well as the Speed Indication device in Dundrum village.

“In recent weeks there have been a number of road traffic accidents along Main Street in Dundrum. It has also been brought to my attention by both villagers and local Dundrum Village committee about the on-going speeding of traffic driving along Main Street through the village.

“I am also concerned that some drivers are clearly not adhering to the Highway Code and are driving in excess of the 30mph speed limit within the village along Main Street and the Dromara Road leading down to School Hill.

“There is also an urgent need for a pedestrian crossing along Main Street due to pedestrians having difficulty crossing with the speeding traffic, as well as traffic calming measures along the Dromara Road and School Hill leading down into the village.

“Speed limits are clearly there for a reason to safeguard the motorist and the pedestrian, but regrettably there are some drivers who are driving through Dundrum village having a total disregard for the 30mph speed limit which will inevitably lead to a serious road traffic accident or perhaps worse.

“The local Neighbourhood Policing team in Newcastle enjoy a good working relationship with the community in Dundrum and the local PSNI community representatives. The PSNI stated they are happy to see any measure that would reduce injury or death on the roads and will monitor Dundrum village.”

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