Alliance-led motion sees Belfast Councillors unite to call for ban on fox hunting

Councillor Michael Long has welcomed Belfast City Council’s unanimous support for an Alliance motion calling for hunting with dogs to be outlawed.

Debated at the latest Belfast shadow Council meeting, the Alliance Party’s motion also called for the selling of snares for capturing or killing animals to be made illegal, with Councillor Long adding the Council had ‘taken the opportunity to send a clear message’ to the Executive that urgent action is needed to tackle animal cruelty.

Councillor Michael Long said: “This motion was the Alliance Party’s latest attempt to tackle animal welfare issues and I am delighted that is has passed tonight. Animal cruelty is something which ratepayers across the city feel passionately about which was clear last month when Alliance hosted a packed public meeting in East Belfast to discuss the issue.

“On the night a hunting ban was one of the main topics raised and Alliance listened and at the first available opportunity to deliver a realistic solution. Alliance remains committed to this issue and will continue to push until the Assembly takes relevant action, catching Northern Ireland’s legislation up with the rest of the UK.

“As a unified Council group and the largest Council in Northern Ireland we have sent a clear message to the Executive that action must be taken to address this horrifying form of animal cruelty.”


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