Alliance Leader asks ‘when does Executive intend to appoint Victims appointment?’

Alliance Leader David Ford has criticized the Executive for failing to keep to their word after failing to appoint a new Victims’ Commissioner before the summer recess and asked when they intend to make the appointment. First Minister Ian Paisley had stated that the Executive would appoint the new Commissioner before the Assembly and the Executive finished for the summer, but this deadline has been and gone.

The South Antrim MLA said: “This is an extremely important issue as victims’ voices must be heard. The Executive appears to be running away from making this appointment. Ian Paisley clearly stated that a Victims’ Commissioner would be appointed before summer recess. This deadline has been and gone and no appointment has yet been made.

“I am calling on the Executive to clarify when they intend to appoint the new Victims’ Commissioner.

“This delay suggests that the Executive is in turmoil over this issue. If such a stalemate is going to result every time there is a difficult decision to make, then the Executive will not be fit to govern Northern Ireland properly.

“The previous Commissioner was unfortunately undermined by flaws in the process involved in her appointment. This role must never be allowed to be used as a sectarian political football again. Victims concerns and needs should be addressed and must not be neglected through indecision and delay caused by the Executive.

“If the Executive continues to delay this decision, it will be seen by many as an affront to victims.”


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