Neeson welcomes Bank of Ireland jobs announcement

Alliance Economy Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has welcomed plans to create almost 150 high value jobs at Bank of Ireland, stating that expansion in the financial services sector is what is need to transform our local economy. He stated that high value finance posts will help us move away from dependence on public sector jobs. The Bank of Ireland jobs will be based in Belfast, focusing on the offshore investment sector and will be created over the next five years.

The East Antrim MLA stated: ” High-value jobs are exactly what we need to move the economy away from its dependence on public sector jobs. This announcement is great news for local people and our economy in Northern Ireland.

“The financial services sector is a lucrative one and if Northern Ireland can continue to attract more opportunities in that sector, we will secure sustainable and strong growth.

“A key priority must be creating more high-value jobs to meet our strong skill base locally – these new jobs are a good example of the type of employment our economy must create.

“The Executive must ensure that we maintain this momentum, in order to continue increasing the number of high-value private sector jobs locally.”


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