Build more social housing – landlords’ gain is people’s loss on housing benefit

Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has called for the creation of more social housing following the shocking news that local landlords receive 140 million pounds in housing benefits from government every year. He stated that this cash should when possible be ploughed back into the system instead of lining the pockets of already wealthy landlords.

Opposition MLA, Mr McCarthy said: “I am shocked that 140 million pounds of housing benefit leaves the system and lines the pockets of wealthy landlords.

“We should try to build more social housing and keep this cash within the system. Because there is a lack of social housing in many areas, people are forced into the private rental market. This benefits landlords and means that this cash is lost, when it could be ploughed back into improving and expanding our social housing stock.

“The Social Development Minister should carry out a formal study into this issue with a view to providing more social housing.”


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