Alliance is alternative for young people sick of failed politics

Speaking before tomorrow’s Queen’s University Freshers Fair, Alliance Youth Chair Stephen Martin urged young people to take an active role in shaping their own futures by joining the Alliance Party.

Stephen Martin commented, “For far too long, politics has been a dirty word to most Northern Irish people. Ask most young people why they won’t consider getting involved, they will tell you that none of the parties represent them, that the tone of debate is often tainted with sectarianism, that they would be worried about putting themselves and their views out there only to get knocked down or ridiculed by people. Worse of all, there is sometimes a real fear that friends or family just won’t understand why you would want to get involved.”

The Lisburn man continued, “The thing is we all need to take a stand against those things that most young people despise – sectarianism, segregation, racism, homophobia amongst others.

“Alliance has led the way at local level and in the Assembly, highlighting the need for action from an Executive faltering in the midst of economic turmoil and petty party political point-scoring. We are the alternative for young people who are sick of failed politics. Alliance Youth is a dynamic, progressive organisation which campaigns on the issues that matter to young people – child poverty, youth mental health, cost of living to name but a few. Join us and help us work towards a united community where everyone can prosper without the fear of prejudice hampering our way.”


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