Fitzpatrick angry at Limavady unionists’ actions last night

Alliance East Londonderry Representative Cllr Barney Fitzpatrick has stated he is angry with unionist Councillors in Limavady following their despicable stance last night. Unionist representatives voted against giving the freedom of the borough to Reverend David Armstrong, who was intimidated out of Limavady following his reconciliation attempts with the local Catholic Church in 1984.

Cllr Fitzpatrick said: “It is beyond belief that unionists did not support granting the freedom of the borough to Reverend Armstrong. Why could unionists not face down the thugs who issued threats to Rev Armstrong and send out a strong signal that such behaviour has no place in the area?

“Last night’s events were despicable and they hark back to the darkest days of the troubles.

“What about moving on? What about showing respect? What about applauding a brave stance designed to improve community relations?

“Is it any wonder why David Cameron is hesitating in taking over Ulster Unionists? I am sure he fears they might bring shame on his party with their divisive mindset.”


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