Alliance challenges Executive to reduce number of government departments

Before their meeting today, Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has called on the Executive to look at reducing the number of government departments to increase efficiency. Mr McCarthy said that the Executive must not delay in confronting this issue because such reforms would deliver much needed cash to help improve frontline services.

Opposition MLA Kieran McCarthy said: “If the Executive is really concerned about making the civil service more efficient they would do well to focus on reducing the number of government departments as soon as possible.

“The Executive must not delay in making brave or radical decisions on this issue because such moves are needed to deliver more efficient, effective and joined-up government. Such an initiative would not only make financial sense, it would also lead to greater coherence within government and better decision-making.

“Very little has been said officially regard reductions in the number of departments we have locally. If the number of Ministries were cut, we could make massive savings – savings that could be ploughed into vital frontline health services.

“It will be interesting to see whether the Executive chooses to be brave and reduces the number of departments by three of four, or whether it axes only one to make room for policing and justice if it becomes a devolved matter.”


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