Property developers should foot more of the bill to improve infrastructure

Alliance MLA Sean Neeson has called on the Executive to consider making property developers pay for improvements to local infrastructure, to take account of the strain placed on local services from the creation of new housing. He specifically referred to the burden placed on infrastructure in Newtownabbey and stated that schemes which so developers contribute towards services operate successfully in England.

The East Antrim MLA said: “The Executive should examine creating a planning requirement that would mean developers must contribute to the improvement of local infrastructure. This measure could have the potential to improve services in a number of areas like health education, transport or the water service

“This type of scheme is in operation in England, and I believe it would be beneficial for Northern Ireland too.

“Government must employ a more joined-up approach and must be creative and radical in their approach to ensure that new developments do not necessarily have a negative impact on local services and infrastructure.

“Making developers contribute to improving services would help us address matters of real need, for example, sewage infrastructure is stretched to the limit and is in need of urgent improvement. Firms currently have to provide link roads to some new developments as appropriate – We would like to extend this provision so that developers have to fund other infrastructural improvements.

“Developers are making vast profits from selling newbuild houses and apartments throughout Northern Ireland – they should be made to contribute more to local public services in the areas in which they build.

Newtownabbey Alliance Councillor Tom Campbell added: “I am aware of significant pressure on public services in Jordanstown/Whiteabbey area and the real lack of amenities. The Executive should examine a scheme whereby developers must invest in the local community to help improve the services that those who will occupy their newbuild homes will use.”


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