Alliance campaign against TV phone quizzes paid big dividends

Antrim Alliance Councillor Alan Lawther has stated that the Alliance campaign against rip-off TV phone in quizzes has made a big impact. He said that were it not for political pressure and campaigning from parties, scandals involving big TV companies may never have come to light.

Cllr Alan Lawther said: “Since Alliance started campaigning for better regulation of phone-ins the discoveries made by Ofcom have been frightening.

“Pressure applied by Alliance and other parties in the UK who have been pro-active on the issue has paid big dividends. Without such pressure the scandals involving big TV stations may never have been uncovered.

“It was an issue that worried me because these quizzes exploit the public and were simply fund raisers for the television companies. Not only has this been found to be the case, but Ofcom have found even more abhorrent abuses.

“I found it appalling that some programs allowed viewers to phone in after the results were decided. Those calling would have thought they still had a chance to win. Would the police prosecute if a complaint was made by someone who lost money by making a futile premium phone call?

“Not only was it impossible for people to win some quizzes because but the program makers had found a winner, but it is also emerged that winners were being chosen because they were likely to lead to more entertaining programs. This was a disgraceful abuse of public trust and those TV executives complicit in it should be held accountable.”


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