Neeson says Seagate problems are a test that Executive must pass

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Séan Neeson MLA has stated that the Executive must act quickly to solve the problems at Seagate to prove to local people that they can live up to their Programme for Government promise of creating 6,500 new jobs in the next four years. More than 900 jobs are under threat at the company’s Limavady base.

The Opposition MLA said: “The Executive must pass this test and save these jobs to prove that they are capable of living up to last week’s Programme for Government promise to create 6,500 new jobs in the next four years.

“Seagate is an extremely important company for the wider area and any job losses would hit the region extremely hard.

“This issue will test the resolve and capability of the Executive and they must act quickly and decisively to prevent more than 900 jobs being lost at the company.

“This potential crisis needs to be resolved and the jobs simply must be saved. Failure to do so would be a damning indictment of this already shaky Executive.”


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