Programme for Government does very little on racial equality – Lunn

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn has demanded answers from the Executive on what it will do to promote good relations, after the four Executive parties signed off on a Programme for Government which contained no targets on racial equality.

The Lagan Valley MLA stated: “To their eternal shame, the four Executive parties have signed off on a Programme which sets no targets on racial equality or good relations of any kind.

“Since, on the basis of the document, there appears to be confusion within the Executive on what constitutes an ‘ethnic minority’, we perhaps should not be surprised.

“The Programme signed off on by the four parties contains reference to ‘new minority ethnic groups’. What does this mean and does it apply to someone from a minority ethnic background who has lived in Northern Ireland for the past 30 years. We need clarity on this to ensure that the Executive will deliver good relations and equality for everyone.

“This is further evidence of the Executive parties’ determination to cast off all other groups into an all-inclusive ‘other’ category, to suit the communal carve-up they wish to protect.

“But the new Northern Ireland demands a new type of politics – one that recognizes the genuine diversity of our society, and does not seek to place labels on people or groups. It is clear the four current Executive parties are so wedded to the past, that they are not prepared to reflect that change.”


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