Alliance activist takes part in UK Youth Parliament

Alliance activist Niamh Spurle is taking part in the UK Youth Parliament this week which is being held at the Canterbury University in England. She is one of 13 members from the NI Youth Forum representing Northern Ireland at the Youth Parliament. The Youth Parliament was set up 10 years ago and has an annual sitting.

Niamh Spurle said: “It is a big honour to be representing Northern Ireland at the UK Youth Parliament. I think that it is very important that Northern Ireland takes part in events such as this with the other regions.

“The views of young people in our society are too often ignored, so organisations such as the Youth Parliament are great ways at making sure our opinions are heard.

“With the current expenses scandal at Westminster, many people would think that all young people have been put off politics but I think the Youth Parliament shows that this is not always the case.

“The Youth Parliament has been growing over the past decade since it was set up and I hope more young people will take part in the future.”


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