Active Travel must remain a priority, says Lyttle

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has pushed the Infrastructure Minister to confirm if her plans to promote active travelling, including meeting the Bicycle Strategy objective, are on target.

Raising the issue in the Assembly on Monday, Mr Lyttle pushed the Minister to consider an Active Travel Act, ensuring relative funding was diverted towards the scheme.

He added: “Active Travel is still facing significant underinvestment and while I commend the work the Minister has undertaken to date, we must do more.

“If an Active Travel Act was brought forward there would be a statutory responsibility to fund a way of life that will have a huge impact on our current society.

“From spending more time outdoors to tackling climate change, we all have a reason to appreciate and want to see Active Travel enhanced. The great outdoors has been an important component of life throughout 2020, with many relying on walking and cycling while other restrictions have been put in place.

“Active Travel is not a phase – it has the potential to revolutionise society and providing us with the tools to sustain, promote and enhance our environment going forward.”