Absurd Garron Tower proposal

East Antrim Alliance Assembly Member, Sean Neeson, has expressed his alarm at the proposals to amalgamate St Comgall’s College in Larne with Garron Tower School, which is outside Carnlough.

Mr Neeson said, “As a former teacher at St Comgall’s College, I am well aware of the very high standard of education that is provided there. The fact is the school is designated to provide education for pupils, not only from Larne but also from Carrickfergus.

“It is absurd to suggest that pupils from Carrickfergus and Larne should make the long journey up the Antrim Coast Road to Garron Tower.

“CCMS have already closed secondary schools in Carrickerfergus and Newtownabbey in recent years, and these proposals are being put forward with no prior consultation with parents and pupils.

“I am also deeply concerned about the future of the jobs of teachers, who are currently employed in St Comgall’s College.


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