Alliance in parades warning

Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry, has expressed concern at the tensions being stoked up by certain Unionist politicians and elements of the Orange Order from East Belfast in relation to the Parades Commission and parades legislation, specifically putting names down on a form.

Stephen Farry said, “It is most regrettable that tensions are being stoked up by some unionist politicians and elements of the Orange Order in advance of the July marching season.

“Accusations are being levelled at the door of the Parades Commission for being provocative. Without wishing to necessarily defend every act of the Parades Commission, is it not the Order that is being provocative for deliberately refusing to fill out the full details required on forms?

“In many walks of life, individuals are legally responsible for the actions of corporate bodies, whether they be directors of companies or officers in a political party. Why would be any different for the Orange Order?

“The view in the wider community is that there are those who are deliberately seeking a confrontation with the police, parades commission and the Government over the legislation governing parades. Those structures are there for a reason to provide a basis for making decisions between competing claims, preserving order on the streets, and creating proper and effective legal accountability.

“Orange parades cannot take place outside a legal framework. All those wishing to enjoy their traditional culture over the summer have a responsibility and a duty to do so with a concern to the maintenance of the rule of law.”


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